Responsibilities/ Authorities: 
*负责公司工业蓄电池产品在华东地区市场的进一步推广。挖掘销售机会, 完成/超额完成销售指标。 
Further develop the industrial battery business in East China. Explore sales opportunity, meet & exceed assigned business target.
Establish and perfect customer after-sales database
*根据业务需要独立操作项目, 或支持经销商跟踪操作项目。
Manage projects or support distributors to follow up and manage projects according to business needs. 
Assist in business analysis and reporting as well as other tasks assigned by manager.
Qualifications & Requirements:
*5年以上工作经验。有一定的阀控式蓄电池应用的相关工作经验。候选人掌握一定关于电力输变电、通信及UPS设备的基础知识和应用将被优先考虑  5 years + working experience, VRLA battery application related work experience. Candidates with knowledge and application experience in power supply system, Telecom power system and UPS system are preferable.
Bachelor Degree or above 
Office软件 Excellent Skills of using MS office software
*较强的沟通, 谈判能力和团队合作精神 
Excellent interpersonal communication, negotiation skills and team cooperation. 
Good collaboration and execution skill
Good English communication skills 

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